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Monday, May 21, 2007

Hi guys!

Still having fun at work. Most evenings I can be found marking the kids' work and planning for the rest of the week, laminating games and spelling words, and photocopying worksheets.

We are onto the months of the year and calendar part of 'time'. Today I taught my kids the 'Montherena', saying the moths of the year, while doing the Macarena actions! quite a hit, with most of the stage learning it from their friends and having a go during recess.

And with my literacy kids we are learning about procedures, as in, how to write one. Like writing a recipe or a simple how to.....

It should be lots of fun!

Topsy is doing really well with my friend Funny Farm. She has taught him some signs which are really cool. I have also implemented them at home, so he says the word and signs consecutively. At present he can do "help please', 'finished', 'more please', and 'finished'.

Most of our family are soldiering through a very mild cold. Roly has tried to drag his cold out into some deadly virus, coughing and spluttering hopefully the moment he woke up today, in the hopes of staying home.

No such luck! Haha! Once bitten (by the fake sickness bug!) twice shy!

I wish life were slightly more interesting so that I might tantalize you with some amazing tale, but alas no!

I leave with pics of my 2 year old helping to make pancakes. He is great with mixing up batter, and also with putting chopped up veggies into the saucepan to boil.

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