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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lilli P (hi there! waving at you!), to answer your question, I have not done any more book clubs. At present my sanity cannot handle it. One person still has not paid me for the last book, so it was costly, especially up front. As well, good baby sitters were expensive, and I paid the extra so it made it more feasible for the others (though they would have happily paid the extra, so that is my problem not theirs. Also the organization and discussion was very much enhanced by my partner in crime, Rachel, who has left. So no more book club at present. If we start up again, it will be in the evening.
OK. Back to my post:

Grading those maths tests took a lot longer than I anticipated. I mean, they are only in Grade 2! It took me about an hour and a half! Then I did the spelling tests marking, and initialed and dated all their addition and subtraction worksheets, reading worksheets, before beginning preparations for next week.

That was tonight though, after a nice day.

After seeing the inside of a certain blogger friend's fridge, my subconscious called out for me to do the same so I toiled away this morning till every mouldy item in my fridge was banished, and every surface shone! Such a good feeling.

After Topsy woke up from his nap, we drove in for the last hour of Life Fest. The first ten minutes we wandered around, going, 'where do you want to go?' The though of splitting up was not an option was not going to be a possibility with the massive crowd.

Spindles suggested looking for the the free cotton candy. We couldn't find it, so decided to ask the next person we saw with cotton candy, where they got it from. The hapless girl we saw next, happened to be lost and weeping, so after we took her to the information counter, she pointed us in the direction of cotton candy. The line was huge, and took about 20 minutes for us to reach our glorious sticks of cotton candy.

Then of course we wasted 5 minutes looking for more water to put in our water bottles, 'cause the cotton candy made the kids SO thirsty.

The finale was a release of white doves, which they were giving to kids to hold till the appointed time. That was a high point for Roly and Diva.Quite a few birds got away early as you can imagine , but Diva's was especially quiet, and Roly probably just had his in a tight grip.

oh I forgot to say that this morning, I saw a big labrador out on the road, looking lost. i knew it was Funny Farm's run away, so i calle out "Reilly! Reilly!"

Well, he bounded joyfully over. I brought him in so he wouldn't get any further from his home, and dialled up Funny Farm.

'No, hold on' No, I can see Reilly, he's not missing', she assured me.

LOL! The imposter in the house wagged his tail happily.

The dog pound was closed, so I locked the dog up in our yard, and put all our pets in the house, while we went to Life Fest, in case he would fight with our dog. I thought I would keep the dog till Monday and then call the dog pound.

Then this evening, a friend walked by, and said, 'Hey, I think that dog's picture is on a wanted sign in the local store.

I raced over, and sure enough it was.

Whan I got home and dialled the number, I realized by the child doing a rap as the answering message is one of my kid's club kids.

He called back tonight in paroxisms of joy that his beloved Chester is found! chester will be going home tomorrow!

The boys are on a sleepover. The mother is a bit of a dragon I think. Military folk, and there son is the perfect guest, so of course I used every meal and interaction with my boys these last two days as last minute practise of 'Our Best Manners'!

Fingers Crossed!

As I left them, they were already in a bit of trouble for talking in the house. the baby was sleeping!

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