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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yee ha!

so far so good!
Monday went super brilliantly. I half expected to get a phonecall last night about coming in today, but that never happened.... till this morning!
Well, I was coming in anyways, so getting paid for it would be great!
Then, they asked if I would maybe come in tomorrow for the morning.

Usually Wednesday it not good, because setting up and preparing for the Wednesday Kid's club takes a lot of time.
Also I don't want to start putting in lots of days, which leads to me being separated more from my baby than I had planned.

I said "Yes, but only becuase it is the end of term party for Kid's club ( a no-brainer), but also said that Wednesdays and Thursdays from now on are not good for me.

I will also have to write a letter in saying that I can only do one day a week (or three mornings) , till Topsy is in preschool.
If they could make me permanet part time, I would be over the moon. No more wondering what days I was coming in for.

I have been really happy with how the teaching has been going. Numeracy especially, as I have sat in on more of those than of literacy.

And every time a teacher has walked in, the kids have been hard at work. Love it!!!! :)

So thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers.

PS. Oh and Topsy is just so settled at Funny Farm's. No tears anymore. Goes to her without a murmur.
And when I go to pick him up, he comes over to say hello after a moment or two, but then he goes back happily to whatever I have interrupted.
Isn't Funny Farm fantastic?

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