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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thomas Ploop

Well the day after I wrote my last post, we actually DID get a baby.!!!!
It was very unexpected and impromptu, but definitely a great decision to take on.... a kitten!

When we told the kids, they just about collapsed with the joy of it all.

A friend who works at the shop next door is a cat lover and recently rescued a stray with newborn kittens. This was the only one she couldn't get rid of, having kept two herself.
So Hubby and I gave in.

He is smoky and just totally adorable. At five weeks he is totally kitty litter trained!
(Topsy sure needs to follow his example!)
Mischief, our other cat was very bemused about the intruder last night, but today she seems to keep following him around to see what he will do next.
The kids actually decided to call the kitten Mischief Junior (disregarding the fact that Mischief is a girl), but upon reflection came up with Thomas Ploop. I call him Tom Plop behind their backs.

So I give you: Thomas Ploop!

Sorry that you have to look sideways to see the first one. I can't find a video upload that swops the picture around right when it is sideways!

Oh and here is my real baby with his favorite bevarage, a milkshake! I love this pic, because that is exactly what he does with his eyes all the time. The video is sideways too! Grr.
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