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Thursday, March 08, 2007

This is becoming a bad habit!!

Wooops, it's been awhile! Again!
We have had my Hubby's wonderful parents, sister and her gorgeous bub up for the last week, so I have barely commented, let alone blog.
We had a great time with them, but I took no pics. I hope they email me some copies soon so I can post them.

I didn't go in to do any observing at school due to our visitors, and I haven't taught at all since last Monday.
Life is going along quite smoothly with us.
Roly continues to go well socially with no bullying. Praise God!
Spindles and Diva are cruising through as well.
Topsy continues to copy everything we do except for talk. Well, he talks, we just don't know what he is saying! LOL. His Poppy (Hubby's Dad) called him 'Dutdut' because he says THAT a lot!!!

And Hubby and I are both taking guitar lessons. Or Hubby is taking the lesson, then coming home to pass on his knowledge to me. Very exciting! Von Trapps here we come!

I hope to post again soon, but now I will leave you with a couple of cute vids of Topsy's first day at Funny Farm's home.

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