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Friday, March 30, 2007

Story, no pics as we are working on slowed broadband at present. Bleh!

It has been noticed with mounting frequency that discernable English words are few and far between in Topsy's verbal repertoire.
And he is reluctant to part with those words if he has an audience.

On numerous occasions, I have tried to coax a 'bye bye' out of his tightly-sealed lips for departing guests, only to have him murmur 'Baa baa' with a smug grin mere seconds after their car has left our drive.
Then when I tried to show Funny Farm how well he understood words, by going through our carefully rehearsed,'Where's your head, Topsy. Touch your head... nose, eyes, etc'; (He had done it faultlessly earlier when it was just me!!), he gazed at me blankly like he had just been transported to our land and language from a remote part of China!

So I had pretty much given up on the idea that my Topsy will show off his words for an audience.

But no, Murphy's law proved me wrong.
He does love an audience, just not the audience I pick!

So I was in the library this afternoon, picking up a mass of books for the kids, today being the last day of school this term.
Every one in the library was quiet; hard at work or reading. If the proverbial pin had dropped, we would have heard it!
And all those faces were so serious.

Whilst I was in the long queue to get my books, Topsy looked about at his audience cheerily.

'H'lo!' He greeted them all. " H'lo'.

No replying 'Hello's'. He waited a second, then tried again.
A ringing silence.

He was quiet then, for which I sighed inwardly with relief. No need for unpleasant looks, (I thought to myself) 'cause my child has shushed.

'H'LO!!!!' shouted Topsy, straining his neck and body as far out of the pram as possible so he could be seen by his unresponsive audience. "H'LO!!!'

(No he hadn't gone silent because he had given up. The silence had been due to his gulping in as much air as possible so his lungs could expand, thus enabling him to shout louder)

'H'LO! he was still shouting with gusto as I rushed out of the building, clutching the books in dissaray.

'Baa,baa' he farewelled them soflty as we reached the car.

We are evidently not targetting the same audience!

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