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Thursday, March 15, 2007

(Ths second post in a row is dedicated to MamaMentor, 'cause I mustered up something to post in response to your kind email!)

I know it won’t happen for ages, especially seeing as I have only had one half day of work so far, but my desire to move a little ways out of town is becoming stronger.

We live on the main street of our tiny town, which makes us conveniently close to all our towns facilities, but there is also a pub (bar) on that street, and that is NOT convenient.
We always expect a bit of noise on Friday and Saturday nights as the masses stagger past our home to get to theirs.

But just lately, it has seemed to escalate.
There is a group that apparently wander around the area aimlessly around, having 'who can shout the loudest' competitions, followed by 'who can fit the most unimaginative swear words into one sentence, whilst also participating in the aforementioned competiton' competiton. If there is still time, they try to fit in at least one round of 'I am going to try to kill you, because you insulted my woman in the pub' competiton. Oh and how could I have omitted the ever popular 'whistle at an impossibly earsplitting pitch for at least 10 minutes to get the attention of our inebriated buddy who left 10 minutes ago, in an attempt to get him to come back and participate in any of the aforementioned competitons' competition.

Oh, and the above are always held always seem to take place right outside poor Topsy’s window. The kids wake up frightened, or worse, have nightmares into which the frightening sounds of these goings-on are woven.

Well last Saturday I had had enough. The rowdy group stopped by our house (again) and decided to loiter loudly as has become their custom, with the accompanying swearing , mock fighting that appears to be their way of communicating.

A couple cars were doing burn-outs down our street (as in, spinning their tyres so hard, smoke comes out).

Then they started with the earsplitting music. Our house was literally vibrating. It flt like it was actually a band in our house.

So after a half hour of it, I figured that none of them were going anywhere, so I ventured to call the cops, who are about 15 minutes away. They took an hour to come (imagine if something had gone wrong!), but the whole shebang stopped after that.

And then last night, at midnight a man screaming fit to die woke me with a terrified start . He sounded like a guy I once saw hit with pepper spray. Up and down the surrounding streets I could hear him crying out, sounding like he was in a bad way. So I called the police again. But he stopped and I fell back to sleep before they came this time.

So folks, I have decided that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

I am determined to win the 'most persistant and annoying caller in to the police regarding drunken disorderly in a small town' competition.

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