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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

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My Revealing Reflection!

Yes my little cutie pie, Topsy copies just about everything I do, though most of the time I don't really notice.
Just recently he has been wandering around imitating in public, those things I would much rather keep behind closed doors!
It has certainly been a bit of a wakeup call, and a reminder that I need to be careful of the example I am setting my very willing pupil!

The offending behavior?

1) Topsy has been walking around hissing loudly, with a highly exaggerated grimace straining his face, all the while twisting a pinky finger in one or both of his ears.
What he was copying: I get terrible hay fever, and I have a Q-tip pretty much attached to each ear over summer, scratching the terrible itchiness. And I have found that making a unearthly growling sound from the back of my throat which just about splits my eardrums, really scratches the terrible itch too.
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2)Topsy went around church this morning sporadically rubbing the ground with a doorstop.
What he was copying: I had gone around and squashed about 35 nasty stinging green ants with the same doorstop, not long before!

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3)One of Topsy's prized possessions is the toy CD player his Granny and Grandad gave him at Christmas. And whenever he is going to put a 'CD' in the player, without fail he carefully licks it and rubs it on his shirt first.
What he was copying: *blush* I know, I am sure there are other, much better ways to clean a CD! How embarrassing!

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4)Tonight after I finished with my bowl, Topsy reached over and grabbed it. Then he swiped his finger along the inside of the bowl and slurped the food off his finger.
What he was copying: I know, I know, it's terrible manners. But I am a good cook, and I didn't want to waste a drop!

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But it is a good reminder to me that little eyes are watching everything I do!

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