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Monday, February 26, 2007

Couldn't resist!

Yep, well I only posted about half an hour ago, and I am back.
It is not often I have any parenting tips to give, and don't worry I am not about to start now.
I am going to share my latest lunchbox idea!

Not as healthy as a salad, but hearty and filling, with a carb a dairy, a meat and a veg all wrapped into one.

I present to you: Hearty Savoury Muffins !!

They have bacon, cheese and corn in them. Mmmm mmm.

I do have to admit, the ones I made last night were a complete disaster. The flour was gross and I had misread the salt measurement. Ugh. Those babies hit the bin faster than they could let off steam!

Tonight, with new flour and a more careful perusal of the recipe, this was the result.

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Happy children tomorrow!

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