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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Mystery of the Dental bill

This week, something happened that I am soooo embarrassed about.
Spindles had a tooth break off because of a cavity!!!


Ok, background information necessary (especially for readers called Granny! LOL!)
For starters, please don't be thinking my son's teeth look anything like this:

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The tooth was a baby tooth, and the dental people who checked Spindle's teeth at school last term, flagged this tooth as being a maybe for having a cavity. So I dutifully booked in to the dentist and got an appointment for early March.
Yes, I know, we have a shortage of dentists!
But then the tooth broke off on Sunday, so I called another dentist yesterday with this sob story; a dentist who last year had no room for any new patients.
This time they said that they have a new dentist on board (started working yesterday) who is seeing new patients, and I could have an appointment for this Friday. Fantastic!
Then I asked how much it would cost, that is how much the appointment itself would cost, plus the possibility of maybe having the tooth extracted.
Why did I ask?
Well the costs seem to be so varied. The dentist I managed to get Diva in to last year, cost $45 for a consult.
Then a dentist I called regarding Spindles in another town (I called them because their slogan is "We Cater for Cowards!')charges $65 for the consult, and thought the extraction/ filling may cost anywherebetween $100-$200.
So...... I wanted to get an idea how many kidneys I would need to be donating to go to this particular dentist! :)
Is that cheap of me to ask? Do you guys ask those kind of questions, or should I be calling myself MamaScrooge?

Anyways back to the story... I asked the lady on the phone how much the consult on Friday would cost, and this is what she said:
'We do not discuss finances.'

Me (rubbing my ear, 'cause I was sure I hadn't heard right.): Sorry?
Her: 'We do not discuss money until you have made an appointment?

Me: But have I not just made an appointment?
Her: Yes. But we do not discuss finances over the phone.
Me: Oh! So I can pop in this afternoon and find out how much money to bring along on Friday?

Her: No. Just come in for your appointment and we will take care of that after you see the dentist.'

Are you kidding me? Is that for real. for that matter, is that legal?

Now if I had any other option, I would be outta there, with skates on.
And if it was just me going for the appointment for ME, I would have been a lot more vocal.
But I have no other options; this is the only dentist I could get in to in the next two months.
And I felt I should be careful about pushing the issue, 'cause I had images of an evil dentist pulling Spindle's teeth out willy nilly with no pain relief and cackling "Now who's Momma is gonna poke and pry about the bill?! Ha, ha, ha!'

So on Friday, we will see how much it all costs! I am going to guess $65 for the consult, and $30 for the extraction. What is YOUR guess?

Moving on, our kids caught the bus today! That is a major hurdle for them to have hurdled!

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It has been nearly 2 and a half years since they last caught a bus, and it was a bus full of high school kids, some of whom were not overly pleasant. I had not planned to get them back to bussing so early in the year, but the catalyst was Funny Farm's daughter who now also goes to the kids' school. She was catching the bus from our bus stop, and I thought it would be great for them to all get on and start together.
And it went fabulously. My kids were so nervous as usually, a large group of high school kids get on at our stop. But not today. It was just the four of them, and it was only primary school aged kids already on the bus. Funny's hubby and I drove along to where the kids have to change buses, to see that it all went well, and the precious man driving the bus showed the kids what to do. It went fantastic. I am so relieved. Thanks God!

And only one sleep till my interview! Yikes! *knocking knees*

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Hubby has been so awesome with doing mock interviews. I know everything in my head,but went it comes out of my mouth, it is all gibberish. I cannot get it out. So Hubby has helped me make it really short and snappy, and given me tons of practise, so I am really hoping that I remember all that we have gone over, and that it is more like a friendly chat between me and the principal.

Pray for me. 10:00 tomorrow (Wednesday) which is about 4:00 or 5:00 Tuesday afternoon for you in America or Canada respectively.

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