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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Application update
Hi all! This'll be brief. First of all, thanks so much for your sweet comments regarding me going for the casual teaching job.
The update is this: I ended up filling out the application form the very same day (Tuesday) that the teacher (junior principal) spoke to me. Striking while I had adrenaline coursing through me, I guess!
Hubby liked my answers as I told them down the phone, and I barely changed anything. The next morning I took the form in to them and dropped it in at the front office.
Well, today I got a call and a preliminary interview was set for Wednesday at 10:00.
So the wheels are in motion and I am feeling a bit excited as to where this will lead!

In other news:

Yesterday we ventured into 'big town' to do some errands rather cautiously. Why? The world famous (well in some parts of the world!) Country Music Festival is on, and the town is chock full of people wearing big hats! Our errands were in the town centre, so we had to park over a kilometre away, 'cause the streets are all closed and all the close park taken.
It was still fun to be a part of the party atmosphere on the main street. Every five paces, a busker was set up, yodelling or jigging or strumming on their guitar. And masses of people filled the street, just soaking up the atmosphere! here are some pics other people on the net have taken. I forgot my camera!

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Then last night, the kids had Funny Farm's delightful children over for a sleepover last night. It went really well, and they were all asleep at a decent hour. *gasp*

In Topsy news:

Have you all heard of The Wiggles?
Well, Topsy just lurrrves The Wiggles. And he is especially fond of waking Jeff up. If you do not know what that entails, watch the clip below:

So Topsy, as I was saying, loves waking Jeff up. He stands up, cups his hands to his non-existant adam's apple (instead of his ears) and yells 'Chay cha Chech! (Wake up Jeff!) to Jeff whenever that bit comes on, on our Wiggles video at home.
Well I only just realized that it might be fun to show him that we can do that to each other.

So I started doing the limb dangling, droopy-eyed sleeping Jeff thing, and Tolpsy responded brilliantly, waking me up with vigour!
Only... it has backfired.
He rather quickly has worked out how to pretend to be asleep himself. He angles his head to one side and keeps his eyes wide open, to ensure that each and every one of us is participating in waking him up. At first it was really cute and hilarious.
I would say in hushed tones to the kids 'Alright everybody, Topsy has fallen asleep. Why don't we see if we can wake Flynn up. Let's count to three and call out 'Wake up Jeff, everybody!( yes we kept it as Jeff, so we didn't confuse him). 'Ready? 1..2..3...Wake up Jeff!'
Then Tospy would 'wake up' gleefully, then imitate us waking him up, and then would promptly 'fall asleep' again.
20 minutes late, however, the four of us were still wearily intoning '1..2..3...Wake up Jeff ' as Topsy's
bright, exuberant eyes in his sideways tilted head shone as merrily as they had the first time we did.
He would have kept doing it, and we almsot kept doing it to 'cause his excitement was so cute!

Later when he had forgotten, I managed to get about 10 seconds of it while he was in the swing, before the battery died. I had to remind him, and then he got back into it, after the battery died of course.
So here he is, nearly asleep for real, but still it gives you an idea. We'll charge up the camera and do a real one with the other kids tomorrow.

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