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Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Possible Plan

( Why this first paragraph is so big is beyond me! I have tried several times to alter the size but it reverts back to 'huge'. Grrr!)T's comment made me realize that I should probably clarify our holiday set up for the school year. The kids have four 8- 10 week terms. Then this year we have had two holidays of 3 weeks, one of 2 weeks, and this hot summer of 8 weeks.
Quite a lot, I guess.

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Which leads me into my post really.
This is a really long holiday, so we are going to start something I was planning to do with the kids next year. I may have already said that Hubby is not keen to send our kids to Scouts because of the bad rap it has had with child abuse.
I, though, am keen for the kids to learn some good practical skills. So, thanks to the World Wide Web, I have managed to find where I can order the Scout badges, as well as finding the set criteria kids must complete to achieve a badge.
The ones I have decided they can start to work towards are:

My faith
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First Aid
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Camp Craft
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Water activities
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Don't you think that is kind of cool that the whole program is right there, badges and all, on the net? And for any concerned Scout fanatics out there, fear not, we are doing it by the book. Badges will not be given until the criteria is met!!
So anyways, I am enlisting friends who are experts in some of these fields to come and give us a couple of talks and demonstrations (Hi Funny farm! One day I may get you to show us some basic first aid!!). I am getting one retired man from church to take the kids through the process of making a rope ladder each. Another man will teach us how to make a fire from scratch. We have a video and a human resource (Funny's Hubby) to help us learn our basic knots. (a must for scouts!)
We have started to plan an overnight camp at a river in our friend's property, and for water activites, we will hopefully borrow my cousin's raft and float down the river at Gunnedah (where we used to live).
So hopefully all will go smoothly over the weeks. I feel a little intimidated , as I am not as planned as I would have been in the New Year, but oh well, I am seizing the day! I will have to give updates on how it is going. Hey, any ideas where they should put their badges, seeing as the kiddos will not be wearing a uniform?
Anyways, better go. It is Sunday night, not a popular time to blog, or read blogs and I am tired. Talk soon!

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