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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Heart Tugging Moment

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This afternoon in the pool, I put Topsy up on the edge and while he clutched my thumbs, I counted "1..2..3!', and then swung him up and then down into the water. The second time I did it, I accidentally submerged him totally. I have avoided doing this, because he hated it at the Mommy and Me classes.
But this time, when he came up, water streaming from his face, he was beaming and immediately his little body struggled in my arms, desperate to get back to the edge of the pool to do it again.
Well, I must have dunked him almost 40 times, and he just LOVED it. About halfway through he began shouting '3!' with us (or rather 'teeee!!!') and he would grin and close his eyes tight as his face was about to go under.
My baby, foks!
My baby, the mermaid!
Oh and I practised my diving today, after coaching my own kiddos yesterday. I haven't done that in years. Always to self concious to practise in a public pool. But what can I say?

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It was as though the years melted away! *grin*
Our host also regaled us with a tale of one day, when her hubby was skinnydipping in the same pool, and some insurance man showed up un announced. Oh boy! To much information! And such a proper couple they are too!

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