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Friday, December 01, 2006

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A Bird in the Hand.....and Personal Growth

Today after I did something difficult, I realized that I have indeed matured and grown.... at least, in one area of my life.
As Hubby well knows (and my sis and parents too!), I do not do confrontations. If there is confronting to be done, I am that person who crosses to the other side of the road to avoid the person I need to confront.
Or, I should say, that is the person I used to be. Today, for me there was only one option, only one course of action I even contemplated. I phoned the person I had inadvertantly disappointed earlier, wholeheartedly apologized and then, with the situation now totally diffused, settled into a comfortable chat that one hour earlier, probably neither of us would have imagined possible. Afterwards, I chuckled when I realized how different that is from how I have long pictured myself.
Wow, little by little Jesus is changing me! Well that is pretty exciting. I know, I know, most people have to do that sort of thing all the time, or at least do it without thinking. But that is a real biggie for me.

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Gosh this post is longer than I thought, specially as my real post is below.
I thought I would fill any curious minds who read Robyn's comment part of which read: 'What was the outcome for the bird btw?'

So the background to this story is that, as I was drinking my morning coffee, the delightful bird sounds I could hear outside seemed distinctly louder than usual.
I hustled out and found Mischief (the cat) trying to retrieve her victim from the overly long grass in our front yard! I snatched the poor bird up, and placed it in a box in our bedroom, shut the door and then locked Mischief up indoors.
A little while later I released the bird, which flew ( a little unsteadily, mind you, but flying regardless) into a tree.

Well despite my best efforts, Hubby must have accidentally let the dumb cat back outside , 'cause as I was have a good old sisterly chat to Robyn on the phone a couple of hours later, the delightful bird sounds I could hear outside seemed distinctly louder than usual. (deja vu?) So, still still chatting away to Robyn, I hustled outside, only to discover Mischief playing with the aforementioned victim!! Again!! Aiiiyayaiii!

So there I was, trying to talk Christmas presents with my sis; all the while doing the 'Here putty putty!/ I"LL SMACK YOU INTO NEXT WEEK!' mamba.
You know the one:
You croon a falsely bright: "Here putty putty, come here putty, come to Mummy!

Then once she brings her trophy to me, that is when I usually drop the sweet stuff and adopt my monster growl: 'I'LL TAKE THAT (as I rescue the victim), AND IF YOU DO ...THAT... AGAIN..., I'LL SMACK YOU INTO NEXT WEEK!! (please note, that no cats were actually injured in this story. I am all talk when it comes to the cat.)

Unfortunately though, I am not a multi-tasker. I was still talking (or attempting to keep up some semblance of talking) to my sister whilst I searched for a good way to grab the cat. So the phone was jammed between ear and shoulder, while I tried to crawl as inconspicuously and with as much dignity as possible around the cars belonging to the 50 or so people arriving for a big luncheon at the new church hall. (I am am the minister's wife after all, and I have my pride! Hubby was hosting the affair, and I was supposed to be inside languishing in bed, not bottom up in the front parking area!)

And because of the fact that I am incapable of multitasking, my timing was off, which meant that I did the transition from syruppy sweet talk ( which Mishief cannot resist) to monster growl, before the cat was really within grabbing reach. She bolted under yet another car, squawking bird still in her jaws.
I flubbed two more rescues, before my sister's small distant voice of reason suggested I get rid of at least one of my distractions and hang up on her. Clever girl!
This done, I caught that dar ned cat and locked her in the house. As for the poor bird? Well it was in a pretty bad state I would imagine, but I could not find it anywhere after I made the cat drop it. It fluttered wearily to some dark place to die in peace, I would imagine!

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Consequently this afternoon, I set up a cat run and put a harness on her ( just like the one in the pick below). I attached her by her leash to the run. With the run, she had a third of the yard available to her, but what does she do?
Tries to climb a tree, that's what! She got herself so caught up, so wrapped around and around the branch, she was wedged bottom up (a small but sweet vindication for me to see her in the same position she had had me in only a while earlier! Ha!) It took some time to rescue her, what with all the teeth, claws and snarling I had to encounter on the way from a terrified Mischief. And that was a whole nother story, from which I shall spare you!!!
Oh my, it is real late here, and I cannot even tell what I am writing anymore, so I will log off.

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Talk again soon!

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