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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I started the day by strolling Topsy over to Funny Farm's home. I like it so much chatting to her, I fear I may soon become a nuisance at their place. so be warned Funny, you might be in need of a giant can of BigMamaRepellant!
Kid's club went fantastically well. I had purchased some relatively healthy snacks (popcorn and apples) and then went to get something for them to drink out of the church fridge (fruit juice and soda water, perhaps?) Well it was empty of that option, and so I reluctantly made up a sickly sweet concoction of cordial and lemonade.
Later as I gave my own chicklets their afternoon tea, Diva asked for come cold Milo. Do you guys have that in the States? It is a crunchy, coffee-textured choc/malt substance that you stir into milk, either hot or cold. Well there was my inspiration, and the kids all loved it. A couple of new kiddies too, which was good. We looked at the parable of the sower, and I thought that the material really explained it well.

I took the kids over the road to where we have our lwn little oasis in the drought; little being the operative word. The kids love it there, and I just sit and watch them and rescue Topsy from all his predicaments. Actually at present Topsy is pretty easy going. All he wants to do is jump. Any surface will do. It is like the whole world is a trampoline to the kid. When he finds a surface he likes, he calls to me, and holds out his hands, with this huge excited smile. He just knows I am going to go on this next jumping adventure with him. No other option even crosses his mind. His eyes are full of trust and joy at jumping with his Mommy (whose busoms are pretty much the worse for wear, what with continually defying gravity and all!)
Anyways here are some pics of our tiny oasis, what the kids call the swamp!

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Well, I must to bed, it is extremely late. I have already calmed and re-bedded an upset Topsy, and heoped a sleepwalking Spindles back to his bed! Talk soon!

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