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Monday, November 06, 2006

Overdue Post

Well this morning, I have paid for the materials and labour for our first raised garden bed. It is very exciting. I have never managed to keep any plant alive EVER, so for me this is a big venture. It will also be intersting to see how the organic method goes. One of my good friends has had a terrible time keeping bugs off their organic veggies; their broccoli crop only gave them only leaves and no broccoli; and their carrots turned out really bitter! I hope things go better for our crop!

I thought I would be in the kitchen all day today, doing Indian dishes, but Bible study has been cancelled tonight, with everyone but me bieig able to come. Even Hubby is going to be away!

Weekend-wise, Hubby and I went out on Friday night to the minister's dinner. All the local ministers and their wives are invited and it is totally free. So nice.
Now this is a slight diversion but related to the dinner so bear with me.
I never told you this, but in the holidays, against advice, I cut myself a fringe (aka: bangs) with an old set of kitchen scissors. Well, it turned out to be the biggest fringe ever, closer really to being a mullet (aka: nasty!) But I am slowly learning to disguise it. Actually when Diva first saw it, she asked, 'Can you cut it off?'
I was like: 'No, darling, that will only prolong their existence.'

Anyways back to the dinner, I think I manage to make make my hair look as purty as a disguised mullet can look for the dinner:

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Here is what we had.

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I dined on the chicken and Hubby ate the beef.

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The dessert was AZDaisy's favorite: creme caramel with double cream on top. To die for!
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Then Saturday night we had a guest speaker from Compassion come to church. A pot luck was all that the kids and I attended, (Heehee), as Topsy is the very WRONG age for going to drawn-out functions where silence is necessary. He manages at church, but that is about it! I baked two of my favorite potato,leek spinach and feta cheese pies. Yummy!

Then last night I was on for cooking church dinner! We did potato works, with savoury mince, chopped bacon, cheese, corn kernels, chopped shallots, pineapple pieces, and sour cream to go on the potatoes.

So it turned out to be a very hands-on, cooking-for-crowds, or eating-with-crowds kind of weekend. It has rained for the last five days, which is great for our land.
Yesterday we decided to take on the support of a little girl through Compassion.

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Nagaba is Diva's age and she lives in our sister dioscese, Kigezi in Uganda. We really look forward to getting to know her better through letters.

Talk soon!

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