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Monday, November 20, 2006

Look Who's Talkin'!
It seems like forever since I last wrote, almsot like I have aged a year at least! *snort*
Thanks all for the birthday wishes! Naughty Robyn for advertising it!
I had a good day too by the way!
My Mom came up for the week as you know, and was her usual efficient self!

It was great to have her here to celebrate the week of my birthday.

Bible study was a small affair tonight, not that it is a big group when we are full capacity.
But our Canadian visitor, Steph, has left on a tour around the country before going back to Canada. And then, while Funny Farm and her family showed up, our other family totally forgot that it was Monday night! *grin* So it was just the four of us adults and 7 kids.
We had Indian food and Mississippi Mud cheeasecake (to celebrate Funny's Hubby's birthday) and lots of laughs. Such a fun time. Oh, and we did do a Bible study in there as well. : )

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Earlier today, the kids' school called to get me to pick up Roly as his asthma is the worst it has ever been. He rarely gets asthma. Only during a cold, and then only sometimes. But he was really struggling today.

Let's see what else?

Well, the kids reports came in the mail this past week, and they were all positive.
Also Roly did not get a singing part in the tryouts for Sound of Music (the singing tryouts were on Wednesday). And then he forgot to go to the general tryouts on Friday, so he has missed out altogether on seeing whether he would have made it. I guess there is always next time. I am just so proud that he had the courage to sing an audition in front of a crowd of people. Good on him.

My Mom will breathe a sigh of relief to hear this next piece of news.
Topsy started saying 'Mama' today. He was a bit miserable with teeth or something, and walked in to me muttering 'Mummummumm'. (Which is probably the only word a sore-gummied child CAN utter!)

But, ever the optimist, I grabbed him up and cheered, ' Yes, I AM Mumma! Good boy! (Raising his hands in victory) Hurrah! Hurrah'
Well, with that response, he 'Mummamammamma' ed his way through the entire day! Ha!
Then tonight after we sang 'Happy Birthday' to Funny's Hubby, we all cried out the 'Hurrahs!" And then for the next few moments, Topsy's little voiced piped up, clear as a bell: 'Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!'

Oh and this is what I gave him over the weekend!

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Tomorrow I am supposed to go over to a friend's house to learn how to assemble a gingerbread house, 'cause we are doing ours sometime this week.

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I will have to play that by ear though, as poor old Roly has gone to bed wheezing and with a temperature.
So that may mean the Women's bible study lunch out is going to be a no-go for me as well!
Oh well, I save more money for Christmas!!

I'll go to bed now, and talk to you all soon! I actually feel like I have lots more to tell you, but I am Soooo tired, so I will write more later!

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