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Saturday, November 25, 2006

I think it belongs to the church!!

I guess I'd better tell the story that goes with the title first, huh? First I should say that there was a moment in this story that is probably my most panicked, most fearful moment ever, and I have had some scary moments!

Well, yesterday evening, I was winding down. It had been a hot day. We had worked hard, and I had just come in from playing out in the back yard with the kids.
Hubby had just got home and had now gone out the back gate with Roly for a bike ride.
I sat down at the computer and had just begun to check emails, when Diva came in. "Where's Topsy?', she asked.
'He must still be outside', I said, a little distracted.

Well, five minutes passed, and Topsy had not come in to see me, so I got up to find where he was, obviously engrossed in something mischevious.

Just then Diva came in, all trembly.
'Mummy, a lady has Topsy! She says she is bringing him to you, but she is going in the wrong direction.'

Knee buckle moment #1!

I raced outside, and there in the church driveway was a lady holding my child. I swung a split second glance at the gate. It was wide open. Then I looked back at the lady who had my Topsy.
The first thing that ran through my mind was to humor her and play along, anything to get my little guy back in the arms of the right woman (ME!).
And the second thing was that she so definitely matched the description of a drug addict who beat up an innocent lady at the butcher's across the road . So I was terrified.

Me, holding out my arms: 'Was my baby near the road?'
She, not relinquishing him at all, but striding furiously towards me: 'Was he near the road? Ha! @##$ #%^&**, he was near the *&*@ road!

She was close enough now that I could smell the alcohol on her breath. SHe shouted and ranted for a bit, till I began to cry, and then that seemed to shake her out of it and she handed him back to me, trying to comfort me a little.

Praise God. And thank the Lord that she was there, really, so that he never wandered out to the road. When Hubby and Roly got home, we all 'discussed ' the open gate. Our entire back yard is fenced in up to my eyeballs (like literally, up to my eyeballs!), so when that gate is shut, we are safely locked in, but that was sure a wake up call.

The Title? Well, I just now came back from the shop next door, and the owner asked how our baby was. She said that the lady had intercepted Topsy on the sidewalk, and had brought him in to the shop to see if anyone there was missing him, then she had decided to take him back to the pub (bar) to see if anyone there owned him. but as she left, she met Diva, who claimed him, so she came back into the shop and called out: 'It's OK, Vicki, I think the church owns it!'


So anyways, I will probably have nightmares for several days over that.

Well to end on a lighter note, here some pics of the gingerbread house I helped Diva put together so she could decorate it. And do you know what, we forgot to leave any of the gingerbread itself showing! LOL! It looks like the whole thing survived some record blizzard. I have put it way up on the fridge till Diva takes it to school (we will makie another one for our family later), and now that Topsy has seen it, he spends a great deal of time with his hands outstretched beseechingly, trying to says as many pleases as he can, trying to think of how he can have it given to him. Poor baby!

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I just made my first batch of homemade ice cream too (two tubs of thick cream *whipped* and two cans of sweetened condensed milk, beaten together), so I will show you a pick of the finished product when it is frozen.

And I will just for once break my thing on revealing the kid's real names so you can appreciate what I will tell you next. Okay in order of age, we have Bodie, Zachary, Kara and Flynn. But sshh, don't tell anyone!
Bodie has an unusual name and as a result he is often called Brodie. He rarely corrects the mistake if he does not know the person. So I found it rather hilarious when at their swimming lesson, the instructor called Bodie, Zach and Kara, 'Brodie, Jack and Zahara'!
LOL! that is some kind of record! Specially as she had the list of their names, right in front of her!

Oh, and all the Thanksgiving food on your blogs looked so fantastic. Hope you all have your feet up.

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