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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hi guys! Just popping in to say that I will probably not be blogging a whole lot this week, as my Mom is up for a few days, and I can't leave her sitting there on her own!! I will be checking you all out though and commenting!

I took advantage of Mom's support today, and we went into town and got Topsy immunized. 4 shots, people! 4!!
I was very stressed. Being a missionary kid, who was poked within an inch of her life, I have overly strong empathy for any one getting immunized, but it was OK. Topsy was exceedingly brave, poor mite. And it is better than getting the diseases, I know.
So that was an interest mother/daughter activity! It can only get better right? :)
We are off to a lunch now, and then... as Robby says, the world is our oyster!
Ooops, better go, my Mom is being neglected!
Talk soon!

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