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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hi all! Hey, did anyone have trouble seeing the pics yesterday? Sorry if you did!

Boring post today really!
Things seem to still be going really well for Roly, though the bullying boys are no longer trying to be buddy buddy with him. His bst friend is coming over for a sleepover this weekend.
Spindles went swimming with his class yesterday. They actually drive in from the big town to our little village's pool because things were getting stolen at the big town's pool and there was a lot of schools clamouring to get in on the same day. So on Wednesdays I go to the pool to pick him up and bring him home a half hour early so he misses the trip back on the bus. When I got there yesterday, most of the kids were either still in the water, or just hopping out. Spindles however, was well and truly out, wrapped up in a cocoon of his towel under a tree.
When I asked why, he said apparantly he became so cold after 10 minutes in the water, he couldn't swim, 'cause his teeth were chattering too much, and his teacher had him get out to warm up! Poor thing!

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Spindles is extremely excited about his up coming birthday party on Dec 15. He is handing out the invites today, and has gone to school with a grin a wide as wide. We are taking the boys outdoor lasering. It sounds amazing. I will definitely be taking pics.

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Diva has got eczema on her hands and is frequently getting hives too, so maybe more extensive allergy testing needs to be done.

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She is having her old best friend over to play on Saturday, and then when we drop her off all the kids will hop in the pool at her house.

Topsy is getting to be very climby and mischevous, so now very clear boundaries are in place. He has a runny nose and a slight temp today.

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Hubby has taken off for a day of army resrves on his day off, just to get away and clear his head after a 4 hour marathon of a church council meeting. 7:30 pm -at least 11:30! Stress city I tell you!

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And me? Healthy both physically and mentally, and enjoying the gorgeous day, though as it is my day off too, I am now off to watch a show I taped and will save the great outdoors for when Tospy awakes!

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Have a great day all!

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