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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Well Rounded Boy
Due to his tummy upset/bug thingamy, Topsy has been whingy and needing lots of extra cuddles the last two days.
This afternoon, I wanted to make muffins for when the kids got home from school, so when I heard Topsy waking up and crying in his cot as I was just getting all the ingredients assembled, I rolled my eyes and and muttered, 'Great, I'll never get the jolly things baked now!'
But upon getting His Cuteness up, I spotted in the top cupboard of his closet, a box I haven't used for the kids in ages....the kitchen toys.
That is- several tea party sets, plus toy cooking utensils and food.
Topsy is still enthralled some 2 and a half hours later. Check it out!
( oh, and I did get those muffins cooked!)

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