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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Thus Far.....

Hi all!

I thought I’d type up a quick summary of where we are up to on our holiday, while everyone else in the family is otherwise engaged! This computer is slow, so I am not able to comment on you guys but I have been able to get onto and read the blogs that do not have tons of pics!

Robby’s pics of our family reunion are terrific (and I cannot upload my pics at present anyways *sadness*), so you have already seen where we stayed.

It was a great visit we all had together.

Aunty Robby staked her claim as gourmet chef extraordinaire, with the fantastically unique and delicious toppings she put on her pizzas.

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Uncle Paul transformed a tiny remote-controlled car into hours of inventive games and fun for all six of the kids. Just watching him in action wore me out! Ha!

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Grandad came along to the beach with us, won a lot at boulles and Granny did plenty of baby chasing and kept our clothes freshly laundered and folded without us even being aware of it.

It was splendiferous to spend time reconnecting with the kids’ gorgeous cousins, Rebecca and Emily. They have grown up so much since we last saw them, and it is cool seeing how their personalities are developing.

Memorable moments:

-Mom, Dad and Robyn and I playing a riotous game of Rook together. It was uncannily like our childhood. So funny. We all really enjoy each other’s company.

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-Robby’s jokes that she made up herself! Clever girl! Ask her what they are! J

-Hubby’s Magical Mystery tour that was endured by my poor Dad and our three oldest kids. All I’ll say is that Hubby’s idea of a good time is a loooong drive and we’ll leave it at that! Spindles took quite a while to recover from the ensuing car sickness, and probably all four of them will feel nauseous at the words ‘Magical’ and ‘Mystery’ for quite some months to come! L LOL! Add to the fact that the next day we had a 9 hour car trip. Aiaiaiaiai!

-poor Spindles coming out one morning in slightly-tight-but-still-fitting pants. Upon closer inspection we realized that they were actually Topsy’s size 1’s! A bit pathetic really! I don’t know what sizes are like in the States but here a child usually wears the same size as their age. Granny was horrified enough to see that Spindles wears a size 5, (she promptly cut off the size 5 tag from the offending garment!) so the look on her face, when she realized he can also swap clothes with his one-year-old brother, was priceless. Love it! But I probably should drip-feed him milk like Idi Amin did to his wives. He does need a bit of skin on his bones.

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-the mangrove swamp. Watching my kids playing in the mangrove trees and walking in the shallow water looking for fish, so reminded me of my childhood of imaginary games with Robby. The kids loved playing at the mangroves. Sad that the tide only came in late in the afternoon, ‘cause for the rest of the day it was a bit too gluggy and ugg to enjoy.

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-the beach. The beach near our house was an inlet rather than right on the ocean. Just beautiful and with very gentle waves. Several times the lapping water just called us to it, and we HAD to go in. It was sooo refreshing. Roly was going through an ‘I hate the beach, ‘cause it tried to drownd me last time’ phase” (Robby and I decided that there is a difference between drowning and drownding. Drownding has the extra ‘d’ for ‘drama’ And Roly is ALL about the drama!) So he spent his beach time being a ‘commando’-bobbing up from sand dunes and elbow muscling his way along the sand. It was a bit embarrassing as I thought people may at any moment come over and give me grief for not providing my quadriplegic son with a wheelchair! LOL!

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-the second-hand bookshop. Uncle Paul found a great ‘hidden’ gem of a second hand bookshop. As all readers know, a second hand bookshop is a must for vacation. This guy had tons of kid’s books as well. It was a great find, though as Hubby commented later, the proprietor kept saying he’d stop talking and let us find books, but he never did. Finding the right book is a serious business!

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-the outdoor spa. Once we worked out how to make it hot, it was one of my highlights! A great place to hang out after a trip to the beach.

We have a great family, and I can’t wait to have another reunion!

Then yesterday, we had a harrowing trip, in which Topsy decided to forgo sleeping in favour of treating us to 7.75 hours of ear-splitting squeals (Robby, Hubby kept asking if he had done that prior to our long weekend. I cannot IMAGINE what he means by that! *grin* In fact he HAS taught himself that trick)

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Both he and we were all very relieved to reach our longed-for destination of Bega at around 6:00pm.

Nanny and Poppy live out of Bega in the rolling and very-green-at-present hills. I cannot wait to show you pics of our time here when I get back. And show you their cute-as –a-button caravan!

But I will sign off. You may not see this for days, as you are not expecting me, but nonetheless I post!

Talk soon I hope!

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