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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Short and Unedited!

Ah, sitting down to pen some thoughts. What a concept! We have certainly hit the road running, though I am finding most of it fun.

For the last two days Topsy has had tummy cramps and diahorrea (sp?)with his cold, poor possum. So I have spent more time, holding, cuddling and rubbing his tummy than getting ahead with other things. He seems to be much improved today.

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My blogger buddy Funny Farm's hubby came over yesterday to show me how to clip Maisy the duck's wings, so she will no longer be able to fly out of her home into yards where rabid dogs lie in eager anticipation. Somehow, i don't think Maisy was quacking any thankyous out to me! She relished her independance, that sense of living on the edge.

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I have this idea that due to the asthma, croup and migraines my kids sporadically get, it might be helpful to try eating organic. So since we got back from our holiday, we have been baking our own bread (well, OK, the bread maker has!)

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We are putting in an above-ground veggie and herb garden next week. This is also to give the kids something of their own to tend and nurture outside. As far as dessert goes I am searching for color-free icecream. At first we wondered about getting an icecream maker, but read some bad reviews about ice cream makers in general. Any of you have a different experience with them?

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Topsy had his first Mommy and Me swimming class on Friday. We got in 5 minutes early
so he could play before the leasson. Little did I know that the instructor is the same lady who taught my other three last year, and who is notorious for being late. so by the time the lesson started, we had been in the water nearly 20 minutes, and Topsy was shivering (even though it was an inside heated pool in the big town where the kids go to school).
He is not too fond of getting his face submerged, but the classes are designed to make it a gradual and fun process. We sang songs while doing the actions with our bubs, and played games where they learn to feel comfortable and learn to gain a sense of balance in the water. Of course Topsy will not know how to swim for years, and I won't always take him to these lessons, but he is so in love with water at the moment, I thought 'Why not?'
As for the other three kidlets, they will share the same lesson with a local instructor in our town's swimming pool, starting next week!

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Woops, screaming baby alert, will post this and go.
Talk soon!

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