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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hi all!

Well we are home and now, two days later, I can face the thought of uploading my pics up. I will be back and commenting by tomorrow, when the kids are back at school!
There are a ton of pics, so don't feel bad about skimming!

Robyn posted a heap from our first week that we spent together, so I will only show you a couple of those!

These are some pics of Hubby's parent's farm, where he grew up. It is a beautiful place.

Hubby's brother and his sons came up for a day. They have sure grown!

The nights were cold, so I went out and bought Topsy these PJ's. He was not overly fond of them, but they made him even more adorable if that is possible!

Here are the kids behind the old dairy.

Nanny and Poppy!

Poppy is becoming famous for his irises.

The kids spent a fair bit of time checking out the cows.

Some of what Roly got up to:

Some of what Spindles got up to:

Some of what Diva got up to:

Some of what Topsy got up to:

Some of what Hubby got up to:

Some of what I got up to:

Roly and Diva also did a lot of tree climbing!

The bodies of water we encountered gave me such joy. So here they are. Just remember, these photos did not do them justice. It was really like a part of Eden!

Brogo River

The part of Brogo River that runs through Nanny and Poppy's land.

The exquisite Mumbula Falls.

OK so now I am exhausted from pic overload. Talk soon!

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