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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The B ega Leg of the Trip...

Wow, already we have passed an idyllic week at Bega! We have really relaxed these past 14 days. I know I am refreshed; I can hear the sense of humour returning to my voice.
Now I must say that I am unable to check you all out at present. I am only posting as a diary, and I actually write it out on Microsoft Word first, then paste it onto my blog to save time!

Some stuff we have done:

Eaten Nanny’s famous desserts- Steamed Pudding with golden syrup and custard, and Boysenberry Crumble with shortbread crumble topping. Mmm!
Given the kids rides down the hill in the wheelbarrow. It is a steep hill and nearly impossible to stop running once you start. A cheap thrill! Ha! J

Hubby took the three older kids to the famous lollyshop (candystore) in Cobargo, and brought back some delectable peanutbutter/ chocolate candy for me. My favorite!

Midweek, poor Nanny underwent a major dental procedure, so we have been guiltily scoffing down the delicacies she has made for us, while she can only consume what can go easily through a straw. The GUILT!

We have gone down to the part of the Brogo river that Nanny and Poppy ‘own’ and had a paddle and a splash. Spindles and Diva have started building a dam. We have been twice now and will certainly go again.

We met up with old friends at the park next to the famous Bega cheese factory for a BBQ. Poor Spindles felt very car sick, so he lay on the grass, wrapped up tightly in a blanket for most of the visit. Poor darling. We waited till he felt better before going across to the factory itself. The kids each got a pack of Bega Stringers as a souvenir.

When Hubby was attending a one day preaching conference with his Dad on Wednesday, I took the kids in to the Bega river. Dry as an old bone it was, though walking through and playing in the river bed was a novelty which entertained us for a good couple of hours. The kids managed to find one tiny stagnant water hole, *shudder*, and squeezed a ton of fun out of it.

Yesterday Hubby’s brother and his two boys came up for the day. I t is the middle of spring, yet from about 6:00 in the morning, a hot wind began to blow. It was nearly a sweltering 40 degrees Celcius, and the poor kids had to spend most of the day inside. When they eventually went out, there was a lot of wrestling and boy play. Diva was a little out of it being the only girl (and a girly one at that!), so I played with her. Do I get brownie points somewhere for pretending to be a baby and allowing her to subject me to a humiliating feeding session? I threw myself into the role and was the most obnoxious baby EVER! Thankfully the rest of the time, we played Phase 10! J Pretty much as soon as the cousins and uncle left, a cool wind came and cheered us all up.

Talk soon!

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