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Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin 'Crocodile Hunter'

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Steve Irwin, one of our iconic Aussie exports, died today in a freak accident.

My jumbled thoughts in response.

After decades of wrestling and loving dangerous animals, he died when his heart was pierced by a sting ray's barb which caused his it to siezure. Apparantly this is the first known death of this nature ever reported.
I am saddened by this for so many reasons. Steve seemed to be a real family man, working closely with his wife and daughter at his zoo and on documentaries. (he also leaves behind a baby boy.)
Usually his wife is involved in the documentaries with him, but Steve died away from family, as they were in Tasmania at the time. That saddens me.
He just was so full of life. Any one who loves animals is also pretty cool with people, in my limited experience.I used to laugh
at his TV show, 'cause I just thought he was over the top. Too Aussie! All his "Crikey!"s and "Wooohooo"s. But he was really likeable.

To imagine leaving behind my three young children and a baby is too painful for me to think of, yet hearing this terrible news forces me to consider it.
Sorry for the morbid mulling, but these are the swirling thoughts in my head as I take it in.

My actual post of the day is below.

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