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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Not what it looks like!

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I haven't just gone and gotten Topsy a pacifier (we call it a 'dummy' in OZ) to start sucking on it at his age! I purchased one so he can soothe those hard-to-reach gummy areas. Having never had a dummy, of course he does not know about sucking it, but he does love to rub it into his sore gums. This video was taken on the first day that he got it!

We had our last Bible Study of the term last night, as next Monday night is Hubby's birthday and I am taking him out for dinner. It will be our first use of a night time baby sitter since Topsy was born. A big step!
And then for the next few weeks we are on vacation. We will be gone for three weeks in total!

Poor Topsy had to go back to the doc's for an shot yesteday that had accidentally been omitted from his last set of shots. You can imagine how pleased I was about this! The emla patch didn't work great because it only numbs the first layers of skin and of course a shot is deep and it is the penetration of the liquid that stings! He was Ok right afterwards, but has needed a cold pack on his leg today.

Diva is home from school after having a temp of 39.4 (102 F) overnight. She has stayed in bed so she must be unwell!

Bashed up Bully (code name M) Update : M is out of hospital and back at school. Apparantly the boy who gave him the head injury was proved to have been provoked and has not been suspended.
M showed Roly his head wound and commented: 'I think he should have gotten in trouble for doing that to me.'
And that is all I know! Oh, except that another parent told me that her son's teacher phoned her, concerned about the boy's drastically falling grades. He wanted to know if she had any idea why this might be, or if anything was happening at home. She said, "Well all I can think of is that he is really being picked on by M!'
So more evidence builds!
Though maybe M's brush with the brick wall will be enough to give him a jolt in the right direction!

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