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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Heart Melting

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Just a little thing, (a second post of the day!) but as this is kind of my diary, it has to be noted.

My baby toddles!!!!

You know that cute-as-a-button run babies do?

Topsy has toddled for a long time actually, but now he toddles non-stop.

He toddles everywhere, careering around corners precariously, arms flailing about for balance. He rarely falls, so it appears he has got it down to a fine art.

It is so cute I could eat him up!

Ooh, actually if you watch the video of Topsy below, I just saw that in the last 3 seconds he is 'toddling'.
Just imagine getting to witness that amount of cuteness all day long.

What a blessed Mummy I am!
My baby folks, my baby!!

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