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Friday, September 15, 2006

Bedroom Hoppin'
(Something about us that you did not know!)

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This will be news to Robyn and the rest of our extended family as well.

Diva and Topsy share a pretty, girly room. Well, sort of. When Topsy moved in, oh.. about 5 months ago, Diva moved out!

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Why? Because when Topsy goes to sleep, the door gets shut. This is a problem for Diva at night. She likes the door open.

So for a while she shacked up in the spare room, in which I put her pretty doona, and some of her other personal things. She could hear Roly and Spindles chatting away in bed though, and felt lonely. Story tapes just were not the same as a bedroom buddy.
So we did another swop. Diva moved into our bed and now Hubby is in the spare room.

Perfect solution!

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Who fell for it, for just a second? C'mon, fess up! LOL!

No, that was not the solution.

On with the story. :)

Most Friday nights the kids have what they call 'A Big Sleepover' in the spare room (aka 'the fun room') where they watch a movie with snacks, and then get to take turns on the playstation for an hour before the light goes out. Eventually they talk themselves to sleep.
Since they started this tradition, Roly and Diva, who are usually nit-pick-picking at each other ALL the time, have found a lot more common ground. (Spindles rarely has these issues.)

And just naturally, Diva has taken to sleeping in their room. Every night now, we get out the spare mattress and set her up, and they are as happy as peas in a pod.

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They do what they call 'games' at night, where they have imaginary adventures. Roly and Spindles fight battles against Orcs and conquer new worlds. They have been doing 'games' for years together. One night is Roly's night to invent the 'game', the next is Spindle's.

And since she moved in, poor old Diva is consistently some pathetic alien princess or Troll bride who ends up suffering a fate worse than death. Well, a couple of week's ago, I felt that the poor girl had been subjected to enough.

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To her brothers' horror, I announced that she too has earned the right to have a turn at choosing a 'game'.

So far, the boys' fear that they would have to be fairies has proved unfounded.

I had to chuckle the other night, when I heard them trying to squirm out of Diva's 'game' of Australian Idol. But half an hour later, there was a gala of made up songs with titles like '5 Minutes Till The bell Goes!' as well as vigourous judging going on. Fun was apparantly had by all!

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Now of course, this situation is only temporary. Soon Topsy will be talking and wanting to participate in night time fun, and then Diva will be back in with him, passing on the 'game' tradition.

Well, I'd better go and get the house clean and the party cake made.

I have just had a terrifying thought: Having never tie dyed before, what if the shirts do not work out?!!!!!!!!!! Argggh!

Tip from the Top- Stick with what you know works, when it comes to entertaining, save the risky stuff for the people you know will love you even if it is a disaster!

I leave you with some pics of the older three hanging out together.

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