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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

( a pictureless post)
*gasp* *it doesn't feel right!*

Today was the last day of kid's club for the term. It was also the day that the stars which the kids earned this term, were converted into Kid's Club Dollars to spend at the Kid's Club Shop. Well, so many kids showed up, we were all sold out! and it was very LOUD!
We never broadcast when the Kid's Club Shop dayis going to be, but just spring it anywhere in the last four weeks of term so that only kids who come regularly will benefit. But we ran out of time this time and couldn't help but do it the very last week of term. Hence it was kind of predictable and EVERYONE and their 5th cousin-twice-removed showed up!
I am looking forward to a break from Kid's Club, even though it is a wonderful gift to be able to point these kids to Christ.
Remember that gorgeous deaf lady I have told you about, who helps do our afternoon teas? Well she is off to sydney on Friday to get a cochlear implant. I hope and pray that she will come back able to hear us! We got her up the front and prayed for her with the kids, and then they all waved and mouthed 'Thankyou and Goodbye!' to her. Cute!
Well I am resigned to having the fever bug rampage through my family again. Roly is improving every day, but still is hot and headachey. He vomited several times today.
I picked Spindles up from school to find him feverish and headachy, and poor old Topsy has slowly deteriorated today as well. By the time I panadolled him and sent him off to bed, he was feverish too!
Oh well, on the bright side, God sent us masses of rains today; rain which settled all the drifting pollens and pesticides that were driving my nasal tissues crazy, so I feel great!!! And since I was informed that Croup is actually a form of asthma and have been giving Diva Ventolin at night, her croup has ceased, or if it starts up in the middle of the night, two puffs of Ventolin knock it on the head! Hurrah!
Well, that is me for today. For those of you who care to answer, I have a Daisy question!

Do you have any family (either in your own family unit or in your family as a kid) traditions that you love? Or that are unique?
I can't even think of an answer to my own questions. HA! I don't do anything unique generally, but I love hearing what others find works for them. Why reinvent the wheel? Here are two I can think of:

*The kids each get to skip school on their birthdays, and after a morning of playing with new stuff, we all go out and celebrate with a nice lunch and an activity.
*As Hubby does not get as much contact time with the kids as I do, he takes each of them out for an hour a week. Monday he takes Diva out for a milkshake and some outside playtime, Thursday he takes Spindles out for a milkshake and a bike ride, and Friday he takes Roly out for a milkshake and to throw the football or frizbee around on the local soccer field. The kids really look forward to thatspecial one on one time. We are trying to work out how I can do something similar with each of them, while Hubby minds Topsy, but at present, it is more important that he gets to do it with them.

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