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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yee Haw!

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On Sunday afternoon, while Hubby was having a nap, the kids and I took up an invite from S to come and see her at the ranch.
We had a limited time frame to do it in, because the pace is generally frantic there and this past weekend is probably the only occasion where S would be the only soul on the ranch. So out to the ranch we drove.

I have always thought that the town we live in and the even smaller town 5 minutes away where the ranch is, are both quite ugly. They are certainly far more practical than picturesque. But when we drove a couple minutes out of the second 'ugly' town we found the ranch nestled in the Moonbi ranges. It is amazing! It would be a great view to wake up to in the morning.
S gave us a tour and then demonstrated some of the games they play with the horses at Parelli. Here are some pics of her being the 'horse whisperer'.

I was amazed at how the horse responded to S. Like it knew English. S definitely understands how horses work! And they sense that.
Just before we went, S put cowboy hats on all the kids and let them cowboy up!

We will defintely be going again.
BTW: pity party for li'l old me: this is the first day I have put myself to bed (no I am wrong, the second day) as a sickie, since I had adult chicken pox over 3 years ago. Tempie, cold, and a COUGH! :( .

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