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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

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Yeah! The replacement car is here. It is a van!! Finally we can all drive around in a car together!

I commented to Hubby as we drove home yesterday: "I think this is probably the first time you have ever been in the same car as Topsy."

And it was! Being the 'milkbar', I have usually had him in my car on trips!
Sadly I will not get to use it too much, as it is Hubby's work vehicle, (the only way we could really afford it) but it is spacious, and Hubby is enamoured with all the mod cons. It'll be great to go on holidays and not have to drive two vehicles!

Secret Ambitions: Reading Lillipilli's six things (they were so interesting Lillipilli! and by the way I realized I never put Lillipilli on my links. Well, she is there now!), reminded me of something I meant to ask you all ages ago.
So (in a total, unabashed imitation of AZDaisy!), here is a question for you:

When you were a child and day-dreaming about being a 'grownup', what did you see yourself doing/ looking like?

I'll start the ball rolling.......

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Ok, don't laugh. This was the hair style I aspired to. I didn't want it so frizzy, and I was a lot more blonde, but I knew that when I grew up, I was going to have what is now called (at least here in Oz): a 'mullet'. A mullet is where the hair around your ears is cut short. Somewhere, I have a picture I drew of what I thought I would look like at 21, and I had a mullet!

I don't go for them so much nowadays.

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As far as aspirations?

Robby may have a clearer memory of this than I, but working with animals was an early one. When I was a lot older, I dreamt of having a job with an airline or in a travel agency so I could travel cheaply.

Then in late highschool, I geared my chosen subjects in order to help my chances of becoming a photojournalist. A job with National Geographic would have been my dream job.

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Actually because I was at an American school, I did the SATs and got an invite (or letter of interest, I can't remember what it was called) from a couple of colleges.

LOL! I had my heart set on Pepperdine University for some reason, and I just checked it out and see that it is in Malibu! Ha! So not the place for me, the country bumpkin! *Edit* After seeing your comment TL, I need to clarify that I never went to Pepperdine. Too far from family etc and I was very young and naive. Nope I just went to the local university here in Oz and slotted into the first thing they had a place for me in. Why? Well, I wasn't able to do journalism right off the bat, 'cause of the differences between American and Australian results. I would have had to put it off till the following year while they worked out the Australian equivalent to the SAT. In the meantime I was sooo bored. Strangely they were happy enough to let me do primary teaching that very year, without doing any result translation! God must have had a different plan than I!

Alright, must go and wrap the next batch of birthday things! Talk soon!

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