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Friday, August 04, 2006

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Topsy at 15 months.
For posterity, I must give a Topsy udate. and document some of what he does at very nearly 15 months.

Language skills:

He understands the basics, such as 'no', 'brekkytime' (all other meals he only knows as yummy yum), 'biscuit',' cup' (for a drink).
Also, 'come here to get your shoes and socks on.' ( he likes that one!), 'bathtime',' I'm gona get you!', 'wave!', 'Aww, cuddle!', and 'Let's go on the swing. Whee! '

He may understand when I say 'Come to Mummy!' but that is generally his cue to scamper as fast as he can in the opposite direction.

Saying 'you splashed me!'makes him splash water around in the bathtub.

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Saying 'That's not a hat!' makes him put whatever the 'non-hat' object is, on his head and then he shakes his head till it falls off (the object that is, not his.....but you already knew that, didn't you !). He finds this hilarious. And if I do the hat game,? Well! There simply is nothing funnier on this earth! As far as Topsy is concerned anyway.

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Saying 'Want to go outside and see Lucy?'- gets him to go outside.

I want to get him to be able to tell me when he is hungry (other than crying and shaking both his hand like windmills).

Cute stuff:

Topsy dances. And I would have to say that, sadly, he takes after me in that department ( his father being quite the groover back in the day, or so he says!)

Topsy only has one move. When he hears a beat that he likes, he listens for a while, then starts bending jerkily at the knees, getting faster and faster. It is almost as if he has no control of his knee jerks by the end. but somehow, he does manage to stop!

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Topsy tete a tetes! He has learned that if he just chatters away, I will listen and answer him. So he loves to just stand stock still in front of me and ramble. And as I nod and 'um' and 'ahh' and answer, a big grin comes over his face. I think he likes our tete a tetes, but I just hope he doesn't spring me a pop quiz on what he's been saying!

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Topsy enjoys his bath.When I say 'bath time', (which is usually late afternoon when he is just starting to get grizzly), he starts to chuckle with relief, and runs (actually, can I use the word canter to describe a child's gait? 'Cause he canters!) to the bathroom. Then as he stands next to the bath, looking at the running water and waiting to be nudified, he juts out his jaw and strains his little neck muscles in some weird grimace and CROWS!
This indicates his pleasure and anticipation at the thought of bathing. However ,any uninitiated observer could be forgiven for thinking that Topsy has swallowed a small coathanger ,which is stuck halfway down his throat and killing him slowly.

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Topsy is learning to pick up after himself. (yes Mum, and yes Hubby, I know, I know. I still haven't learned that particular lesson myself, but I am teaching Topsy to!)
He has never shown the slightest inkling to pick up toys (no surprise there!), but we have discovered that Topsy loves a certain word: 'THANKYOU!!'
He especially enjoys the way Diva makes that word sound: as if it has been deep-fried and then drenched in butter and maple syrup.
Sometimes it takes me a moment to realize what Topsy is hoping for when a dirty nappy (diaper) gets plonked in my unsuspecting lap, but when a sticky, yellow cotton bud joins it, I realize that Topsy is playing the Thankyou game, and respond accordingly.
He does the Thankyou game best in the bath, when he puts all the dinosaur bath magnets in their bag. Too cute.

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Tospy loves climbing (He climbed to the top of Diva's bunk bed yesterday. You can bet that ladder was unscrewed tout suite!)

(this pic is about 7 months old)

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And he loves what we call 'the fire and brimstone bellow'. This involves him standing rigid, so rigid that he sometimes shakes with rigidness. His hands are stretched out as far as they will go; he has a bit of the 'coat hanger grimace' going on, and then he yells out short stacatto sentences to the world.
Often, climbing and 'the fire and brimstone bellow' go together.
On Monday, I grabbed some fresh clothes for Topsy, having just given him a bath, and walked into the living room, following the sound of the Bellow. And there he was standing on the windowsill, totally starkers (naked!).

And that is a slice of life with Topsy at 15 months!

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