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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Today is my cherished day off.

I have a whingey baby as well as the most talkative member of our family (uh, that would be Diva!) home sick. So it is a bit of a bummer.

I know, I know, it sounds selfish. But on my day off this is what I generally do:

1. No housework!
2. Go to the park with Topsy
3. Watch something I taped during the week when Topsy is asleep
4. Write a post during the day ( and then post it that night)
5. Soak in the bath

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Just doing these things; in fact just calling Thursday 'my day off' makes me feel like I have had a mini holiday.
But today is different.

Diva keeps coming in to tell me every single thing she thinks of about. And I am not in the frame of mind to be riveted by any of it!

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I can't watch TV when the kids are around, unless they are supposed to be sleeping. Why? I don't really know. I feel guilty for sitting down maybe!

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In actual fact this has been a 'blah' week. The kids have all been home sick, I have felt sick.... It's been one of those weeks where you just feel like you are killing time! Can't go anywhere, can't do anything. don't really want to see anyone, but really bored.


It can only get better, right? :) Don't answer that!

Two farewells.

Hubby will be leaving shortly to take the work car to Sydney and trade it in for a car our whole family can fit in.

Thus far, to go anywhere together, has required two cars! So farewell car. you have served us well!

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And a smaller farewell. Diva's dollhouse is going for an extended visit to cousin Becca and Emily's house! Farewell, dollhouse, and may many happy games be played with you at your new home!

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I was right. Since writing this I feel a heap better. Sorry for the whinge!!

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