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Saturday, August 12, 2006


The Colin Concert
My sacrifice: When we got into the hall, the seats at the front were already all taken.

So I sat us up the very front on the floor, in order that Topsy could see his hero Colin.

Colin, the mere mention of his name, sees Topsy toddling to his chair to watch the DVD.

My result: Squashed up under Big Mama for so long, my legs went to sleep, BADLY. In the end I had to sit flat on my butt, with my legs straight out, like a woman from the Pa Dong tribe. (you know, with the long necks!)

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I would imagine the poor lad in front of me (whose back my gnarled toes were poking, we were sqaushed that tight!) wished I had had a pedicure in the last decade. He kept sending me reproachful glancesevery time I shifted and inadvertantly poked him.
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Topsy's result- he was terrified! Every part of his tiny body shook with fear as some awful thing yelled and strode around the stage, inciting everyone else to shrieks and yells. I don't know if Topsy ever clicked and realized that this travesty was his Colin. We have a volume button and an audience of one at home!
Well I have never seen Topsy more scared. The first five minutes I only managed to keep him there, by blocking his ears and holding him as tightly as I could. He had his little arms wrapped fast around my neck with his face buried deep in my neck. (I rather liked the cuddling part.)

Even after I soothed him back into sitting on my numb lap, each new song and the ensuing screeches of approval from the audience brought on a fresh torrent of tears and trembles from my boy.

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I was heartily glad to leave.

BBQ Lunch at the Marsupial Park!

*EDIT* (I had the first two lists identical which was totally NOT the case! This is the real set of lists!)

My mental list of things to take to the BBQ: matches, bread, ketchup, metal tongs, newspaper, drinks, sausages, cups, tray for sausages, napkins

What I actually packed: bread, ketchup, drinks, cups!

What I remembered to buy on the way there: matches, sausages

So we were short a few essentials! And I knew that the BBQs there were primitive.
S must have thought I was an absolute wacko showing up with only half of what I needed! It was mortifying!

But we managed to all pull together to find dry leaves and kindling, and I lowered my standards even more, by rummaging in the public bins till I found some carboard to set alight.

It took a while but long story short: we did not go hungry.

As Roly said, after devouring a sausage he had torched all by himself on top of the BBQ he had help light: 'Best sausage EVER!'

And what amazing marsupials did our overseas buddy get to see in the 'marsupial park, I hear you ask?
One kangaroo, count it folks: One!!

And not a very wild one at that!

It was embarrasing!

Have a great weekend!

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