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Monday, July 24, 2006

Who Are You ?

I read your blogs, well those of you who blog and I feel I know you already. But I only share a very small snippet of what happens in my life on this blog. The bits I choose to share. You do not see me grouch and laze, and obsess, and throw plates at the kids and Hubby for fun (alright, alright, so I made that first one up! Heehee!!!)

But I am curious. If I was to meet you in person at a 'family and friends' BBQ, who would you be?

Are you the one regaling a large group with an uproariously exaggerated but hilarious story of your day at work?

Are you the person that has noticed that someone is sitting alone and goes over to talk to them?

Are you the person that has noticed that someone is sitting alone and you really want to go over and talk to that person but you are too shy?

Are you the person sitting alone, but you are actually peaceful and content with your own company.

Are you the person sitting alone, wishing you were away from all the noise and people?

Are you the hostess of the BBQ, who enjoys taking care of everyone, and rushes around all night being busy, but is shy of being in the limelight at all?

Are you the hostess, who enjoys taking care of everyone, but you want to enjoy yourself and be in the middle of the group as well, so you have prepared everything ahead of time so you can relax and socialize?

Are you the one out in the kitchen doing the dishes, so you can stay busy and not have to agonize over awkward silence-fillers.

Are you the one who always listens to the person with the sob story that inevitably takes the whole night to tell?

Are you the one telling the sob story? (ha!)

Who are you? What is your personality?

I am really interested in finding out!
And I'll get the ball rolling.

At the BBQ I am probably the one who feels tentative ( I do not like being in large groups of people) about breaking into the group and joining in with others' conversations. But once I do, I am happy to sit and learn about and talk to the same person/s most of the night.
Now, let me stress that that is who I am if Topsy is asleep. If he is awake and careening precariously around, I am the one who listens to the conversation with only one ear, and who has to keep running off mid sentence to bring the baby back from the grill or the pool!

Your turn now!


You need to watch this video before you will understand the first quote. I apologize if it reduces you to my level!

Now I found that clip quite amusing, as I am sure that is not quite what the earnest Mummy had in mind for her son's grand achievement.
I especially love her sweet "C'mon you can do it!" and I often croon it to the kidlets.
Well this morning as I fed Topsy and watched Roly, Spindles and Diva's heavy-lidded eyes stare bleakly into their breakfast bowls, I piped up cheerily "C'mon, you can do it!"

Spindles deadpanned, "Not at the table, we can't Mum!"

Two Quotes For the Price of One!

Yesterday the kids were starting up a movie I had taped for them.
Diva asked, " Mum, what country is this movie from? "
I replied: 'It was made in America.'

Diva protested: "Then how are we going to understand what they say. We don't know that language!"

Roly answered before I could: 'Um, duh!!' *insert superior eyeroll* "The Americans invented English!"


We had Italian night at Bible study tonight. No we didn't speak Italian, we ate it. And it was yum. (Thanks Funny for such yummy pasta! we missed you!)

I took a couple of pics of the pizza I made.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And here is a stack of our book club books. They took 13 weeks to get here, but they have come. Finally our book club can commence!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Talk soon!

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