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Saturday, July 29, 2006

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Unclean! Unclean!

Yes, I am ringing the disease bell so that you can scatter back, and read from a safe distance.
We are sick today.
All six of us.
Not sick, sick; but cold sick.
Snuffly, sore-throaty, 'I need to stay in my PJs all day' sick.
The kids and Hubby are all in bed resting, so while it is quiet......

I won't do a big post, just put up some pics...

(well the dumb phototbucket thing wouldn't work so in order of appearance this is what is happening in the pics below...)

1. Topsy opened a door in my face and it split both my lips. It Hurt like billy-ohs!

2. And here is our dog Lucy. Any nice food we give her, she walks around with for ages, looking furtively about as if there are food Nazis about to spoil her fun. Then she buries it! Today she seemed to think someone was after her toy as well, so just to be on the safe side...... (I think we are rubbing off on her! She has gone insane!)

3. And better late than are some bubble pics. The ones that look big, really are! Probably the size of two of my heads put together!

4. Spindles shows how much concentration it takes to produce really good bubbles.

5. Hubby doing strange things on his bike. Needs his helmet!

Hope you are all well!

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