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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rest Day becomes Mess Day

Usually on Hubby's day off, I do not do a lot.


makes me feel like I am having a break too, even if it means more clean up the next day.
But today I needed to go into town to get ingredients for our homemade Italian pizza night (sorry, no pics 'cause I forgot, but it was the best pizza I have ever made and probably the nicest pizza crust I have ever tasted. *ouch!!!* Sorry, that was just my lips flapping out of joint, from blowing my own horn too loud! Ha!)

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So I got that and then on the way home, I dropped past school to pop in the lunch that one of the kids had left at home. I ended up putting it in Spindle's bag, cause I couldn't see his sandwich anywhere when I looked (I had already checked Diva's first. But when they got home I learned that it was actually Roly's lunch! Why doesn't that surprise me?!)

Then back home to feed the green and snotty Topsy. Then play with him at the park for half an hour.

I never thought I'd be back to going down the slippery dip again. It happens to be his favorite thing to do!

Next we were off to school again for Diva's sports carnival. She had such a blast. Here are some pics. It was a glary, cloudy day and I had trouble seeing what I photographing!

Topsy saw Diva have so much fun at the sack race with all the kids falling over in their sacks........

......he spent about 30 seconds bent over like this, till a little girl came down to be kind to what she obviously felt to be a needy' child!

There were tons of different activities. Long jump, races, dodgeball, ball skills, relays.

In the end enough was enough and Topsy made a bid for freedom.

Finally, after bringing the kids home, I began chopping up the pizza ingredients, all the while thinking "Now I remember why we have frozen stuff for dinner on Thursday. "

So I have a kitchen that is totally trashed, a living room that is not much better, and a house that is having MINIMALIZING withdrawals. Maybe after Lost..........
There is always tomorrow.

Oh here is Roly in his new glasses! What do you think?

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And my precious 'street performer: Spindles!
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Talk soon!

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