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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Our Holiday!

Hello all! We are just back home today, and already it almost seems like it never happened.
Our holiday, that is.
The days galloped past.
But we had an activity filled, salt-water-drenched week fullof memory-making moments.
My photos are not Time magazine quality (have you guys checked out Sunshine's latest pics, and Robby's ones of the playground? Now, they are photographers), but I am sharing mine anyways.
Three days prior to going on our holiday, I had been thrilled to learn (via snail mail) that my already half price holiday had been halved yet again. Thrilled but puzzled. I phoned to confirm that this was actuallly the case.
Yes, yes, I was told, that is correct.
So I bought the kiddles a couple of books each for the holidays, a couple of goodies, etc.
But when I walked into the reception that first night, the staff immediately said. "Now you do realize that that letter was an error made by one of our new staff."
I could have wept.
Topsy, hanging tiredly off my hip, was.
But I was so tired and anyways what could I say?
So instead I meekly counted out all the cash I had in my wallet.
I went out to get my other money carrier and came back in to add that to the pile.
Still short.!
While I had been gone, the ladies at the desk had been talking to each other.
One said. "Listen, you didn't go bombastic about the error. If you had, we would have had no compassion. But because you didn't, we'll only ask that you pay an extra $90 on top of the letter's price."
So I still only paid a third of the original price!
(That first night we couldn't see a safety barrier for the top bunk where Roly was.)

A cold, blustery but sunny day.
We still braved the beach.
Couldn't help it
A local, power-walking by in full winter regalia, looked at us bug-eyed. "You lot are crazy!" she gaped!
Topsy took one look at the deliciously blue water and hurtled down to it as fast as he could.
(That night we found the safety barrier but couldn't install it!)

Only slightly warmer.
The beach was yet again the main attraction.
Then when we got too cold, we would all traipse off to the indoor heated pool and spas.

Topsy discovered a new flavour in his favourite food group Soils: SAND!
(That night Roly fell out of bed! No lasting injuries, TTL !)
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We had a fantastic visit from Hubby's sister Fiona and her hubby Phil. Their precious one will come any day now.
Fiona and I had a great natter while Phil enthralled my kidlets. And then they shouted us all to fish and chips.
Topsy discovered a New Game to play at the beach. One that I throroughly approved of.
Called "Dodge Wave".
This entailed him coming down close to the waves, but then hurrying away as they crashed onto the beach.
(We got Roly's safety barrier fixed on the top bunk.)

Topsy's first sand poop reared its ugly head!!!!
We played one of our favourite things at the holiday place: putt putt golf!

Thursday: We hired bikes and went for a long ride.


We were woken by aggressively loud knocking at 5 am!

There was a strange man standing at our door.

We hid in the living room for several minutes. Then I peeked out and found him gone. Shortly after I saw a maintenance man opening up and starting work around the resort.

I looked out both doors and double check that the Knocker was gone, before I went out to find out from the working man who the Knocker might be.

Oh No!

Knocker Dude was still there!

He was trying to see in through our kitchen window!

He saw me before I could hide, and became quite aggressive in questioning me as to whether I live in that unit or not.

As his behavior intensified I pretendedto be from another unit close by that have their lights on and escaped.

Long story short.... he had earlier robbed another unit at the resort, and had also harrassed other guests.

I called the police but the man was not found or apprehended.

Saturday: We visited my folks and then have a brilliant stay with Robyn and co!

Sunday: Home and hugs with Hubby!

Talk soon!

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