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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

On the Road Again!!!

I cannot believe it!

I havebarely unpacked the stuff in my car from last week's bonanza, and we are already having to pack up for another road trip!
The pic above is what my car would look like if I pulled all the stuff from our holiday out of it right now.

We knew that there was a big family reunion coming up this month, but we got the date wrong as our invite got lost in the mail. ( the story of our lives!)

So on Saturday, we have another 7 hour drive.

Ugggh. The thought of driving again is slightly nauseating!

I had only my second migraine ever driving home on Sunday (there I was stopping to heave and retch, lying on a park bench like the town drunk while my blossoms cared for their baby brother ....) *shudder* It was awful!

But once we get to the reunion we'll have a great time and catching up with all Hubby's family will be awesome.

His parents are just back from an overseas holiday and I can't wait to see their pics. Also Fiona (the SIL I saw on the holidays) is just about due (so we might see the baby). Also, her twin Kirsty is coming down for the reunion and I can't wait to catch up with her and her daughter Lara (we'll miss you though Ari!)

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