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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lisa's 21st!
We went to her 21st tonight. Hard to believe that my little cousin is 21!
Most of my Mom's side of the family showed up for the bash! And that is saying something.
Mom'll be slightly embarrassed but I will tell you anyways. She is one of a family of 14 kids! And they all went and multiplied!
We are quite an intimidating number of people when we all show up at the same place and at the same time.
The party was only an hour's drive away. Hubby didn't make it, but I was glad I made the effort to go.
I love my extended family. Seeing as we grew up in Kenya, we only saw them rarely, so living this close is wonderful.
So, back to the party.
The food was great, the company was superb! And Lisa's speech was funny.
Now to the pics!
Here are some pics of Aunties and Uncles! I have three very wonderful Aunties (Mom's sisters, who all ran around after Topsy whilst I caught up with my cousins!) and 7 rugged and larrikiny Uncles. Plus all the extra aunties and uncles they married

Here are a couple pics of my cousins. See the pic where three other girls are posing with me. Well they are the three daughter of the three Aunties. Missed you in that pic, Robby!

Here are some of my cousins' kids with mine! They all get along so well to, which is a blessing.

And finally, Lisa cut her cake and made a very casual and funny speech. I include a pic of some of the young boy cousins (the second generation), because at their tuition, she concluded the speech by saying "may the force be with you", and the pic captures their exceedingly satisfied mugs!

OK, I am officially DOG tired. Off to bed. Have a great weekend all! Talk on Monday.

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