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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just an ordinary old day

We just pottered around today.
Minimalizing-wise, I got one big box of little items sorted and mostly thrown out.

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We made a really huge batch of bubble mixture and a set of oversized bubble holders made of twisted wire. The first attempt at buuble mixture created bubbles that were not strong enough to hold form for very long. I should have added extra glycerin, but I didn't quite have enough for the size of the batch, and we don't Karo syrup here.
Then I got a brain wave (with the Karo in mind) and added some honey. That did the trick! I'll have to post some pictures tomorrow. Giant bubbles are a ton of fun.

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The kids played with friends today, and later we went for a bit of a bike ride, with Topsy following behind in his Cinderella carriage. Actually I met a friend at the bike park, and struck up a deal to swap my carriage for her bike seat (for a toddler) for a while. It is just more practical at present.

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I would have to say that my highlight of the day was the half hour chat I had (over a cup of delicious coffee) with Funny (Funny Farm on my links list) We will see the rest of her family at dinner tomorrow night, but she is on night shift then, and unable to join us. So I dropped in to see her afternoon. I had to have my 'Funny' fix! Thanks for having me pop over unannounced, Funny. I so enjoy your company!!

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