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Monday, July 10, 2006

Hi Everyone!

I cannot wait to check out all your blogs and see how everyone is doing. But really quickly and as simply as I can I want to totally overload you with photos from the Hubby's family reunion.

I will not bore you with the little details such as the delicacies we chowed on the ENTIRE weekend, or with the number of minutes Topsy slept the ENTIRE weekend (lets just say we could almost count them on the fingers of my hands and toes and leave it at that!!! What can I say, he loves his routine.)
Ok here goes!
Photo Time!

Below are a picture of one of the table settings in the marquis (sp?), and some of the gorgeous cakes that symbolized different events in the family.

Now in this next lot of photos, the young man is Hubby's brother (C), the young woman is one of Hubby's sisters (K) and her little girl (L). Hubby's parents are there too, as are C's boys (J and D) with our kidlets thrown in too.

This is for you Robby: a strip of the kids' cousin L. Isn't she gorgeous?

And this is not a fight. (thank goodness for that, my boys wouldn't have had a chance!) No, this is the four boy cousins bonding with each other!

The blue eyed girls really hit it off. apparantly beautiful L (whom we very rarely get to see due to distance, very sadly ) is quite reserved. but for some wonderful reason she loved Diva. And the feeling was mutual!

I missed out on the bonfire the night before, but this is was what was left of it.
But after the cousins and second cousins set to work, it soon it looked like this.

After a fantastic time at the reunion, we raced to Sydney to see our precious new nephew (F, you could not have timed your labour better. Thanks God!).
OOops! I need to back up a bit.
You see as we were driving to the reunion we heard that F, Hubby's sister, had had her baby!!!
It was beautiful timing, as most family members were already close by because the reunion was only an hour from Sydney.
This beautiful boy will have a name soon. (He was supposed to be a girl, so it is really his own fault! :)
Hubby's sister F and her hubby P have certainly got a beautiful, much prayed for baby. I cannot wait to see him grow up! (though not too soon!)

I will write more later. Bye! Sorry if I misspelt anything, this was a fast post!
PS. Regarding my previous post. the visit with the nightmare family actually went OK.
Right off the bat, the Dad and the Mom were both commenting on how violent their boys are with each other, and how they need an adult to sit in between them on trips. (this was right at the beginning of the visit so I was inwardly freaking out about how it would all pan out) but thankfully we saw no evidence of this. Phew!
Some of the extreme behavior we saw from the mother last time, was really toned down this visit. In fact she made a bit of a joke about it.
We were still ready to say goodbye, but not nearly as desperately as we imagined! Thanks God! Again!

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