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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

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I love it.
My very independant baby has become Cuddles Extrordinaire.
I know it is probably a phase ( and due in part to the trauma of so much travel), but I am going to savor it and pretend it is just my lovableness.
Whatever the reason, Topsy certainly seems besotted with me.
Countless times in the day, he comes running over with his arms open wide to be folded into a hug. This from a child who would see me coming and find it amusing to run in the other direction as fast as possible.
And he has just learned that if he raises up his arms to us, we will pick him up.
In the morning when he comes into our bed, he now likes to cudle, and cuddle and cuddle for about an extra half hour, clasping my shoulders with both arms, soft head nestled on my chest, squeezing his eyes tightly closed!
LOL! I love it.
I could eat him up with a spoon!

Post Script on the Pants:

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Remember those pants I put a hole in?
Well, I thought that was all ancient history.
I was sure the boys would have forgotten the incident by now and MOVED ON.
Oh ho ho NO!
Today they were searching for them, 'cause apparantly I promised not to throw them out. (Yeah right! Ha!...... Well... actually I ended up not being able to throw them out , {sentimental value and all that}, but they do not know that.)
And then...
Roly said: Well, guess what you are getting for your birthday?
I deadpanned: What? Jewels?
Roly (totally missing the humor) frowned: No. A new set of pants, exactly like those old ones you ripped.
Spindles piped up: Yeah, but you will only wear them till we patch up the old ones for you.

Oh for crying out loud!
I think we need Dr. Phil to help us emotionally detach from our stuff so we can MINIMALIZE!

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