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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

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Blog Etiquette

Robby and I have had some conversations about this topic in the past and we often end up laughing uproariously (though I can't remember why!).

Blog wise, I originally intended to blog about our life as a family, only for extended family and friends who are distant. And that is still a big part of why I blog.
I know my family is out there reading it.
They may just be as bad at posting comments as I am about posting snail mail letters! :) There is just something psychological that happens in between the letter being written and getting the stamp on the envelope!
Looking back now I can hardly remember how it all transpired that I met you, my dear blog friends. But if I think back, there is a story to how I met each of you.
And in each case, there is a common thread.

I have a relationship with you.

Unconventional it may be.
It certainly doesn't replace real flesh and blood friendships.
But it does have its own place and significance.
And in each case, there is give and take; there is interaction, otherwise the relationship would die away. Like all friendships that are untended.

So before I get all sentimental, I want to know if you have any thoughts on blog etiquette yourself. Any unspoken rules in blogging that you follow? Here are some of mine.

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1. If I, as a fellow blogger, know the blogger personally (ie; 'in the flesh') I am especially diligent in reading and commenting regularly. And I may tend to talk about them or their blog on my blog.
Why?- well, what a privilege to get to know a friend or family member on a very different level. And when I like have a friend in real life I want to introduce them to my other friends!

2. I do not feel pressure to add links to someone simply because they have done so to me.
Why? It could get ridiculously long and tedious.

3. I regularly read and comment on all my blog friends blogs.
Why? Because they are friends and I like to stay in regualr contact with them. To show them that the time and effort they have put into sharing part of themselves with me is appreciated.
It is the same with my real life friends. I like to be in contact with them at least once or twice a week and know what is going on with their lives.

So now I can get sentimental.

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You guys are the best!
Each of you have been an encouragement, a blessing, an apple a day.
You have made me wet myself laughing.
I have felt heartache for when you (or your kids ) go through hard stuff.
I have raged inside when you have been unfairly treated.
I raise an eyebrow and smile when you mispell a word ('cause I am relieved that I am not the only one!).
I snort with laughter when you relay an embarrasing moment, and clap when your child does something new and exciting.
And my eyes dance when I read something about you that is just like me!

I'm sorry, but I have to say
No matter what the critics say
When it comes to it
At the end of the day
I count you as a friend!


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