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Friday, July 14, 2006

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A Big Play Day

The kids had friends arrive at 6:45 this morning.
Why so early?
Because their parents (who work on the land) had a really early start this morning.

I was awakened to Roly shaking me urgently. 'Mom they're here!'

Embarrassing beginnings: I sat up bolt upright and felt blindly for my bra and some long pants to go over my boxers. I had laid these by my bedside table the night before in readiness for this; but in the cold light of day and being groggy, I had a lot of trouble getting either item on.
So instead I hopped awkwardly through the still-dark house to the kitchen. Then as I slung the bra over my shoulders and under my T-shirt, I peeked out the window in order to let the reality of seeing them all standing at the door wake me up!

They weren't there.
I turned to go to the front door, still attempting to harness up my uncooperative bosoms. (Sorry that is the politest word for them that I know) .'

'Mrs T.'

I froze. The bra slipped defeatedly to my waist. My bosoms followed suit. I peered into the gloom of the living room.

Three shadowy little figures sat on our lounge.

"We are already inside," one of them said unnecessarily.


Once I regained some dignity, we had a great day.

The kids played, playstationed, scavenger hunted, and crafted. Topsy toddled around after them all quite happily.

The kids are 3 in a family of 5 children. The two boys we had over are twins. One gets on really well with Spindles, and the other one gets on really well with Roly. And they all get on superbly as a foursome.
Their younger sister, who also came is a couple years older than Diva, but they play well too. So it was a perfect fit.

As it was payday, I fed them in better style than I would have yesterday! Heehee!
They dined on:
Homemade Bacon and Egg McMuffins for breakfast.
Popcorn and Cake for morning tea
Toasted cheese, ham and tomato sandwiches for lunch
Popcorn(received by a chorus of 'again?') and crackers for afternoon tea
Each of them got to pick an Icecream of their choice at the next door shop (this is a real treat which we hardly ever do)

Then Funny's family came over for a shared dinner of burritos with the works (missed you though, Funny!) And Funny's hubby also brought along some of his homemade goat's cheese. Which you can see served with cracker in one of the pics below. The kid's Dad came and stayed for dinner with the kids. It great to catch up a bit with him.

And as soon as they all left, Diva and I went and did a night grocery shop.
Here is my question, AZDaisy style: When do you shop for groceries?
I really like shopping for groceries at night by myself, so I can take my time and concentrate, and (here is the big plus) I don't have to have any kids with me. Tonight was a bit different, so I let Diva come too. The kids always want to come on the grocery shop, probably so they can give a bit of input into what I buy.
Diva was a big help.
But now it is late and I will adjourn to bed.
Tomorrow night the kids and I (hubby can't go because of church prep) will go to my cousin's 21st birthday about an hour away. I'll show you pics!
Nighty night!

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