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Monday, June 12, 2006

We had a great weekend!!

We did nothing to write home about, but enjoyed doing it!
On Saturday, Spindles went to his best friend B's house for the day.

After I dropped him off, I picked up Roly's best friend R and brought him out to our place.
What about poor Diva? Diva has three close friends but she has found a lot of confusing mixed signals from two in the group. The two girls either actively hate each other (which is very distressing), or they are best friends to the exclusion of the other two (just as distressing). Once I invited them all out for the day, which was a total disaster for Diva emotionally! So this time only one friend was invited. Unfortunately she had to cancel at the last minute. :(
I had been talking the day before to the mother of another girl whose friends behave in exactly the same way (doesn't it start young?), and we'd said we should get our girls together, so now was a good opportunity.
So little S came over to play with Diva.

It was drizzling all day (praise the Lord!), which Diva detested as she and S are both outdoor girls. So while the boys happily armied, videoed, and play-stationed ( R loved it when we all played hide and seek, and Charades together), the girls beaded and made collages (from magazines and fabrics) of what they imagine they will be like when they are grown up.

At five that evening I started the 'drop everyone home and pick up mine' process.

R lives just out of the main town near us, so I decided to take a shortcut I recently found to save some time.


Lesson learned?: Never take a relatively unfamiliar shortcut when it is dark and there is a heavy fog!

How I learned this lesson?: My estimated 40 minute round trip, turned into an hour and a half!!!
By the time I had found my way out of the maze of farming properties, dropped off the kids and finally swung by to pick up Spindles, he had been fed eaten tea (the evening meal for you American readers!), B's parents had made up a bed for him to stay the night, and I was nearly out of petrol (Again! And I 'd only put $25 in the day before too!)

Yesterday (Sunday) is the one day of the month where I teach Sunday school in the morning and the evening.

Because my poor munchkins are at both classes, I don't want to put them through the same lesson twice, so I extend on the lesson learned the previous week for the morning class.

Well we had finished our story and drama and worksheets and I decided, that, in the remaining few minutes, we would play a(totally unrelated to the Bible) game of Who Am I.
Below is the documented effort of one small boy W trying to guess who he was and never quite getting the concept. (He was actually Bob the Builder.)
Instead of starting with a question like 'am I a boy?', he began by asking:

"Is I a leaf?'

'No. but you are on a TV show '(trying to help him out by answering the kind of question he should have asked)

Thinking bigger. 'Is I a Christmas tree?

'No, but you are a cartoon character."

Undaunted.' Is I a rainbow?'

Frowning. 'No, but you are a boy, on a TV show. Well actually a man.'

With a knowing smile. ' Is I a snake?'

In total disbelief. 'NO! But you are a man on a TV show. Like a cartoon! You like to build things!' (everyone else had guessed theirs and swopped places with someone else by now)

With supreme confidence: 'Is I a lion!?!'

Nearly crying in frustration. "You are Bob the Builder. Bob... The Builder. You are on a TV show. You build things!!!!! (thinking: Do you understand? There are no tree or rainbows or animals in the stupid show! Just stupid old Bob, who is a stupid old Builder! Comprende? *sigh* I hate this game now!!)

Oh, last night we had Bodie's friend R out again,(no shortcuts this time!) for a sleepover. I haven't had any of the kids' friends for sleepovers in ages, 'cause with Topsy it is too stressful for me (and I am all about removing stress from my life!)
But R had told Roly earlier this week he had lots of Bible questions and when I picked him up, he had questions about the 'scary' book of Revelations; if he is really a Christian; and is there something that is like the opposite of God.

Interesting stuff.

He wanted to go to church, because he has never been to a church before, so we decided to invite him over last night so he could come to our evening service.

It all went well, though he is a real picky eater, and wouldn't touch the yummy dinner one of the church ladies had cooked up for us all. (he wouldn't eat my pancakes this morning either 'because they don't taste like McDonalds'!! {and thank goodness for that, I say})
Then just before the service, the whole place blew its electricity.

Total darkness.
We probably had too many heaters going!
15 minutes later we started the service under the romantic glow of lamps and candles, and then all the kids came over to our house next door for Sunday School as we still had electricity.
And today is the Queens birthday Monday. Have a good one!

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