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Monday, June 19, 2006

Quick note

Thanks all for your comments emails and care! So appreciated. I really appreciated that you listened and empathized rather than gave advice. And those who did advise in emails were qualified to do so, so thanks for that as well.
Hubby was away when this all happened so when I blogged with my stomach churning I hadn't debriefed with anyone. Poor you!!
We talked about it yesterday with clearer heads. Hubby is able to analyze in a very detached manner, so we balance each other out. Here are a couple of thoughts.

1. I actually teach Roly in Sunday School, so I do know what the teachers mean about immaturity in a classroom context and total lack of paying attention at times.

2. Roly is a very dominant character at home, and putting him back a year would be a real negative on Spindles. The idea of repeating was not tossed around seriously by the teachers, so hopefully maturity will come soon.

3. I am going to make up a chart of behaviors and goals to strive for at school for each of my chilblains, so we are not singling out Roly. And we will just take these goals day by day.

4. And yes, God is in control. He created Roly cell by cell for His purpose and that is so comforting. So rather than despair, I will do my bit (be as well informed as I can, and as much as possible, help him to grow up being responsible for his actions and the repercussions. To raise him to know that who he is, is not a random thing. God has a purpose for Roly.

So they are some real quick points I have jotted down with spelling checks at all. I will do a real post at some stage.

Thanks again for all your input, girls. *kiss, hug*

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