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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Well Roly has gone to school without a whimper today.
What is the difference? I do not know. Frame of mind maybe. He is so much like me as a child it is uncanny, although he articulates his feelings a whole lot better.

It makes me remember….

My diaries as a young ‘lady’ were full of the mantras‘ I’m fat, I’m so ugly, I have no friends, boys hate me….’.

But now, looking back on it all, with real eyes, I chuckle, seeing the truth in hindsight.

The mantra-‘no friends’

The truth-I had tons of friends. Both guys and girls. I was a caring and thoughtful friend (I like to think)

The mantra-‘boys hate me.’ -This was mainly a perception I had because one of my really good friends was long and lean, like I wanted to be, so I compared myself to her, rather than appreciating my own ‘gorgeousness’ (We are all gorgeous, did you know that? It’s true. AZDaisy has a letter (click the word letter!) on her site to prove it!)

The truth- Several boys during high school did like me, rarely the actual ones I would have liked, but what did it matter? If I found out there was a boy remotely interested, I never came within a quarter mile of him again. Heheh!)

The mantra- ‘fat and ugly’

The truth- I was such a typical 15-17 year old girl! An incident seared in my mind was when a friend at boarding school (no smaller than me that I can remember at all) asked me to put on her jeans before she did, to ‘stretch them’! :{
Hilarious now, butwhen it happened I actually did what she asked, and walked away wounded to the core. Plus my Australian complexion was freckled, which hardly any of my friends had! (both my high school boyfriend and hubby found that a very appealing feature I might add!)

LOL! If only that poor girl (the young me) could see Big Mama four kids and 20 years under a harsh Australian sun later!!!
Then she’d count her blessings and savour each day! Heeeheee :)

Conclusion:Growing up is a hard and painful process because of of the fallen world we are doing it in.

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