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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I have a cold!

I think I got it from AZDaisy. : ) So I'll be brief. (for me!)

After more car dramas (you don't want to know!), Topsy and I finally made it to the Eisteddfod to see Roly perform. They had their turn two hours after we showed up, so you can imagine that Topsy was in fine form. Actually he barely made a peep. I found a trick to shut him up! (No, not masking tape!)

Yes for absolutely ages he kept himself very entertained by feeding me leftover bits of the damp, slightly chewed crackers he was done gnawing on. *visible shudder at the memory* I sacrificed my mental wellbeing for the benefit of the rest of the audience and for the schools involved. I hope they appreciate that!

I was so impressed with Roly. Two years ago at the Eisteddfod, he slouched and yawned his way through the whole thing, but today he was in the front row, and never did his gaze stray from his 'conductor', got his actions right etc. I was really impressed. They don't know if they placed yet, but I was mighty proud of my boy.
I didn't feel well enough to prepare for Kids Club today, so we had games and Hubby did a brief talk.
And now I am collapsing in a heap to read your blogs and then cuddle up in bed with a book. Nighty night.

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